Organisation and Structure of Regal REIT

Regal REIT

Regal REIT is a collective investment scheme established in the form of a unit trust under the laws of Hong Kong and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Regal Portfolio Management Limited – REIT Manager

The manager of Regal REIT is Regal Portfolio Management Limited which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Regal Hotels International Holdings Limited (“RHIHL”) (stock code: 78) and is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to conduct the regulated activity of asset management for Regal REIT’s hotel properties portfolio. The REIT Manager is appointed to manage Regal REIT and, in particular, to ensure that the financial and economic aspects of Regal REIT’s assets are professionally managed in the sole interests of the unitholders of Regal REIT. The REIT Manager does not manage the hotel properties directly, but oversees and supervises the performance of the Lessee and the Hotel Manager in the management and operations of the five Regal Hotels and the four iclub Hotels.

DB Trustees (Hong Kong) Limited – Trustee

The Trustee of Regal REIT is DB Trustees (Hong Kong) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG. The Trustee is responsible for the safe custody of the assets of Regal REIT for the benefit of the unitholders of Regal REIT as a whole and oversees the activities of the REIT Manager for compliance with the Trust Deed and other regulatory requirements.

The REIT Manager and the Trustee are functionally independent of each other.

Favour Link International Limited – Lessee

Apart from iclub Wan Chai Hotel, all the hotel properties of Regal REIT are leased to Favour Link International Limited as the Lessee, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RHIHL, under long-term lease agreements. The Lessee is responsible for the day-to-day running of hotel businesses and has to that effect engaged the Hotel Manager under long-term hotel management agreements.

Regal Hotels International Limited – Hotel Manager

Regal Hotels International Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RHIHL, is appointed as the Hotel Manager to provide daily management services to all the hotel properties of Regal REIT through long-term hotel management agreements.